Scary Maze Halloween


Scary Maze Halloween is the perfect solution to prepare you for the Halloween festivities! Packed with spooky graphics like giant, man-eating tarantulas, screeching bats, and spooky jack-o-lanterns floating throughout each level, this game is scarily fun!

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And, for those of you skilled enough to complete each of the challenging levels, you will be rewarded with an extra bonus round, packed full of spooky images and scary sounds! Be sure to blast the volume while playing this game to enjoy the full experience!


What did you think about Scary Maze Halloween?

Horrible, absolutely horrible----horribly funny, that is! Man, I had so much fun tricking my friends with this game this Halloween. One of them got so scared at the spooky image in the bonus round, soda actually came out of her nose! Hilarious!
United States
This game is so fun, and such a good idea for the Halloween holiday! It’s packed with all of the images and sounds you can associate with the spooky holiday and then some! Ghosts, goblins, spiders, pumpkins – it’s got it all! And it tops it off with a scary image from a movie like the Poltergeist or something! Amazing, impressive, spooky – I love it!
This game was okay. I wish the graphics were better, more detailed. I also wish it was somehow different than what I’m already used to from the other games in the series. Like, really, come on guys – come up with something more creative!