Scary Maze Game 3


Similar to the previous versions that you enjoyed, Scary Maze Game 3 is packed with 5 challenging levels, better graphics, and a scary reward after completing the bonus round.

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You only need to use your mouse to complete each level, but we hope you have a steady hand! Otherwise, the higher levels will be quite difficult. Try not to touch the walls of the maze or it’s game over for you, and you’ll have to start all over from the beginning. Don’t forget to turn the volume all the way up to enjoy the spooky music!


What did you think about Scary Maze Game 3?

It’s a great game! Great graphics and I loved the spooky music and scary ending. I will share this with my friends!
The graphics weren’t that great, but that’s what I liked about the game the most. My computer doesn’t have a very good graphics card and my internet connection is pretty slow, so the basic graphics in this game worked out quite well for me. Although, I did really like the cute little mouse chasing after the cheese – that made the game a little more entertaining and fun. And the scary surprise at the end was definitely a surprise – I didn’t expect it at all! Scared me senseless!
I couldn’t get the game to load! I tried for 10 minutes to play this game because it sounded cool and my friends recommended that I try it, but for some reason I couldn’t load the game. Maybe I need to update my Flash?