Scary Maze Game 5


Scary Maze Game is back and more challenging than ever in the fifth installment of the game! Scary Maze Game 5 introduces players to 6 challenging levels, but we doubt you have the skills to get past level 4.

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The game’s graphics are rather basic, but this is a great thing for players using an older, slower laptop or computer. Additionally, once you complete all six difficult levels, you will unlock a bonus round. But, be careful – don’t touch the sides of the maze on any level or you’ll be bounced back right to the very beginning! Think you have what it takes to master this game – and keep your lunch from coming back up? Try it today!


What do you think about Scary Maze Game 5?

Scary maze game is the scariest game I’ve found on the net! The game is super hard, I could barely beat level 4! The bonus round is even harder and packed with spooky images. Anyone that loves scary games, puzzles, and mazes should totally check this game out!
Eh, the game was okay. It was pretty challenging to beat all of the levels, but you can sort of cheat if you pay close attention. The “scary image” at the end really wasn’t that scary, but I suppose when you’re not really expecting it, it could make you jump a little.
This is a great game to play if you only have a few minutes to spare. I don’t know what other people are complaining about – this game is scary! The graphics are kind of boring though, I mean, you would think they’d be a bit more advanced in this day and age, but overall I’d give this game a 4-star rating.