Scary Maze Game 1


Do you like spooky, thrilling mazes where you’re tasked with guiding a small object through narrow passages and hope to reach the finish line? Whether you enjoy playing them yourself or want to trick a friend into a terrifying and hilarious adventure game, you’re sure to love Scary Maze Game.

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The game only has a few levels, but that’s all it needs to achieve the ultimate terrifying experience! The controls are easy; you only need to use your mouse, but the challenge is in how steady your hand-eye coordination is and your ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

Pro Tip: Make sure you crank up the volume on your computer while playing the game and try not to touch the dot touch the sides of the maze wall. Otherwise, you’ll be doomed to restart the game from the beginning!

>>  Play Scary Maze Game 1 <<


What do you think about Scary Maze Game?

I loved playing Scary Maze Game! In fact, I loved it so much, I made my brother play it too! When the scary part showed up, he was so scared that he fell out of the chair screaming! It was so funny!
The game was good, but not fantastic. It’s fun to play if you only have a few minutes of spare time to kill, but it only has five levels so not really a game to play for an hour or two. The scary image at the end of the bonus round, though, I could totally see myself making a friend play the game just to see their reaction!
Scary Maze Game is boring. Even the “scary” part wasn’t really very scary! I was very disappointed.