Scary Maze Game 4


If you love completing mazes in a puzzle book, then you’re going to love Scary Maze Game 4! Using only your mouse, guide the blue ball through the narrow passageways of each maze.

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Complete all 4 levels in the game to reach the bonus level and unlock a spooky surprise. Be sure to turn up the volume on your computer before you reach the bonus round to really get into the spirit of the game.

The game is easy enough for both children and adults to enjoy, although young children may find the higher levels too difficult to complete. This game tests your coordination skills as much as it tests your focus and concentration skills.


What do you think about Scary Maze Game 4?

Best maze game ever! Scary Maze Game 4 is much harder than the last versions of the game. Every level gets harder and harder with more narrow passages. It took me 4 times to complete the third level because the walls of the maze were so thin! And the scary image at the end totally caught me by surprise! I’ll have to get my friends to try this!
This is such a fun game! I’ve already played it from start to finish four times and the scary part always seems to catch me off guard! The next time I have a sleepover with my friends, I’m definitely going to tell them to try this game. It will be so funny to see if they can beat it, and what they will do when they reach the scary part! I can’t wait!