Scary Maze Game 2


Guide the ball through the maze to reach the finish line in Scary Maze Game 2. Try to complete all five levels to unlock the bonus round and a secret reward! Be sure to turn the volume all the way up on your computer to enjoy the spooky music! If you think you have what it takes to complete each level without touching the sides, then play Scary Maze Game 2 now!

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Similar to the previous version of the game, you will only need to use your mouse to guide the ball through the maze to the finish line. Enjoy the improved graphics and challenging obstacles available in this game, then share it with your friends for an added treat!


What do you think of Scary Maze Game 2?

I was really impressed with the graphics in this game. They’ve really stepped them up a notch, and the “Halloween-style” music was an added bonus! The levels started out pretty easy at first, but by the third level I was already starting to have a hard time reaching the finish line. I’ll definitely share this game with my friends – hopefully I’ll be there when they play so I can laugh at their reaction to the bonus level!
The first few levels really weren’t that hard to complete, the walls of the maze were wide enough that even my 6 year old brother could complete them with ease. But, as I continued to play, it did get a little more challenging and I had to slow down my pace in order to not touch the narrow maze walls. It took me about 30-minutes to complete level four, and about as long for level five. The bonus round was very fun, though, and I got a good laugh when my friend reached the scary part!