Scary Maze Game 6


Scary Maze Game 6 is here and features impressive new graphics, spooky, scary images, and amazing music and sound! Be sure to crank up the volume to enjoy the new sound effects and Halloween-themed music in this version of Scary Maze Game.

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Complete 8 challenging levels to unlock the mystery bonus round and claim your spooky prize. Do you have what it takes? We doubt it.



What do you think about Scary Maze Game 6?

Scary Maze Game 6 is awesome! I’m going to share it with all of my friends and everyone on facebook! Whoever made this game is a genius! Thank you, thank you thank you!
Good game. Loved it. Can’t wait to show my friends. They will be so scared!
This game was so boring. The scary part wasn’t even scary and the graphics weren’t that good.
Fun, Fun Fun! Loved it! Super scary ending. I screamed! My mom thought I was watching a scary movie. I’m totally gonna scare my friends with this… maybe my family too when we get together this weekend!
I was totally bored with this game. It might be fun for young kids, but for teenagers, it’s BORING! I will admit, though, the levels are kind of hard. By level 4 I was having a hard time completing it. I finally got bored and quit. 2-star rating for me.
Saudi Arabia
The graphics are much better than the last games in this series, but the puzzles are way too similar. The walls on the mazes being so closed together did make it much more difficult, but still, come on guys, give me something more than three or four angles to turn to complete a level!
, U.S.A.