Scary Maze Game 9


Scary Maze Game 9 is part of the Scary Maze Game series. In this version, players are tasked with guiding a tiny ball through the challenging, narrow pathways in each maze in order to successfully reach the final goal.

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However, in addition to that very challenging task, you also must avoid the various fish and other obstacles in your way! Guide the ball through the maze in each of the five levels to unlock the spooky bonus round. Can you handle it? Try it now!



What our fans are saying about Scary Maze Game 9

This game is super fun – and hard! I couldn’t even beat the third level because those fish kept getting in my way, distracting me, and making me touch the walls! I wish I could give you my opinion about the bonus round, but since I couldn’t even get that far before giving up – I can’t! I’d still recommend this game to all of my friends, just to see how many of them could get further than me.
I beat the game!! It was super hard by level five, but after many tries I finally beat it and unlocked the bonus round! The bonus round was the hardest level of all, too. And, the scariest – by far! That scary image that pops up and screams at you nearly had me fall out of my seat! I would recommend this game to everyone to try out and share. It would be a great prank to pull on my friends, and a prank I plan to perform!