Scary Maze Game 8


Forget the tiny dots and cute little mice, play as a brave warrior set on a mission to reach the battle zone without blowing up in this installment, Scary Maze Game 8!

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You asked for improvements and we listened! Play as the brave soldier who has been discharged to the outskirts of a vicious battle. Make your way through the maze to reach the battlefield and win the day. But be careful – the enemy has hidden traps and bombs all along the narrow walls of the maze! One touch and you’ll be blown to smithereens!


What our fans are saying about Scary Maze Game 8

Super fun game! My favorite so far! I let my little brother play it for a while and he laughed hysterically every time he touched the walls of the maze and blew himself up. It is so funny. He couldn’t get to the final part though, but that’s okay. I made it to the end after several tries and was shocked at the screeching screaming spooky image! Check it out! You won’t be disappointed.
Fun, fun, fun game! If you’re really good at online maze games, and have a really steady hand, you can probably beat this game in just a few minutes – great to play on your 15 minute break at work. I, on the other hand, don’t have as steady a hand as I thought. It took me six tries to complete level three! Frustrating, but totally satisfying once I finally reached the end! The scary bonus round literally made me jump out of my seat! Awesome game, a must try!