Scary Maze Game 10


The last in the long series of scary mazes, and arguably the best one so far, is Scary Maze Game 10. The game is packed with several levels and players are tasked with using their mouse to drag the monkey head through each level to the end where he can enjoy a big bundle of bananas.

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But, watch out! Don’t let the monkey touch the walls or the ghosts floating around the screen or it’s game over for you! Part of the fun in this game is that it brings back memories for many of the older players – remember Pac-Man? Well, instead of chomping to kill the ghosts like you did in Pac-Man, you’ve got to avoid them at all costs! Do you think you can handle it and complete each level to unlock the bonus round? We doubt it. Try it now, for free!


What did you think about Scary Maze Game 10

As one of the “older generation gamers” I have to say it was refreshing to see those little ghosts from Pac-Man again, used in a more creative fashion. The levels available in this game were quite challenging, but once you were able to complete them, the game is rather quick and easy to play. The spooky part of the game happens at a really random time, so it’s almost impossible to prepare yourself for it – which really helps to enhance the experience of the game. Great job, guys! I loved it.
The game was ok. I mean, the levels were pretty easy, at least until you get to level four. The scary part really wasn’t as scary as other people made it sound, so I wasn’t too impressed by that. The graphics are much better than the other versions, though, so kudo’s to whoever made the game for that. All in all, if you’re looking for a fun, fast game to play, definitely try this one out!